World War 4 will be fought with sticks and rocks.  World War 5 with improvised nerf weaponry.
  • Under Water

  • Someone reminded me tonight that I’m also a webcomic artist, so I figured I should… you know… webcomic.

    So yeah, as I said in the comic, things have been bad.  The last panel we’ll get into more tomorrow, but basically… Sam has also destroyed our house.  For real.  For really real.

  • Holy crap

  •  +Shen Hart, I found a new book for you to review!  

    Reshared post from +Brittany Constable

    Dear authors:

    Don't ever respond to a review.  Ever ever.  Just don't.  For one thing, they are not for you.  For another, if you couldn't clearly communicate your intentions within the text, additional commentary is unlikely to help.  For yet another, reviews are not for you.

    Put down the keyboard.  Walk away.


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    TidBITS: FunBITS: Bears in Boats Fighting Crime
    A cuddly noir Multi-Touch novel demonstrates both the advantages and drawbacks of self-published ebooks.

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