World War 4 will be fought with sticks and rocks.  World War 5 with improvised nerf weaponry.
  • Under Water

  • Someone reminded me tonight that I’m also a webcomic artist, so I figured I should… you know… webcomic.

    So yeah, as I said in the comic, things have been bad.  The last panel we’ll get into more tomorrow, but basically… Sam has also destroyed our house.  For real.  For really real.

  • I had a crazy idea

  • What about a D&D game where we'd be replicating the general idea of Babylon 5, but… with D&D characters? A lone human outpost (the last of several proposed, constructed, and destroyed outposts) in the middle of several former (and occasionally still) warring kingdoms, trying to broker peace and be a hub of trading and civilization to represent the human race as ready to play with the big boys.

    The Narn are the Dragonborn (reptilian? Check.)
    The Centauri are Dwarves (Earthy, alcoholic, odd imperial social structure)
    The Mimbari are either Tieflings (Interesting cranial… structures) or Elves (pretty much all the rest of the things about Mimbari)
    The Vorlons and the Shadows are obviously like, creatures from higher planes, but the Vorlons use Warforged "Encounter Armors" to interact with the rest of us.

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