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So is Webcomic Hell a webcomic… a blog… a blog about webcomics… a webcomic about blogs… or just some place I dump crap sometimes when I don’t know what to do with it.

The answer is yes.

…or this could happen.

I think it would be awesome if, instead of the real “Rapture”, there was a… I dunno… Practice Rapture this weekend.  Sort of like a trial run.  A heavenly fire drill, if you will.

Imagine it, thousands of Christians (or Jews, or generally Good People, or whoever) rise to the heavens, leaving only their clothes behind… and then a half an hour later, after some confusing paperwork and a few suddenly demoted cherubs, they’re all dumped back on earth.  Naked.  And in the wrong place.  Like, a field in New Jersey.

Would those chosen (and then rejected) few get all righteous?  How would we, the non-chosen, deal with the ramifications?  How would we deal with them?  And what if the people who went weren’t… obviously good?  Like… prisoners, or tax collectors, or lawyers, or webcomic authors?  How would the Church try to distance themselves from The Rapture if it turns out a bunch of child molesters and serial killers were Raptured?

What do you think would happen?