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Cinematic Redux

If you recall, back here we talked about the first time we tried to do Cinematic For The People.  This second time, we did not have nearly the technical difficulties, however we did have some fierce competition from parallel programming…

Opening Ceremonies

Ok, this might be a bit of an exaggeration.  A bit.  I don’t have a lot of experience doing the “Guest Introduction” thing, I’m usually just a mere panelist and am normally setting up my stuff in the dealer’s room or artist alley while things like this go on.  Still, I tried, and I didn’t do bad – this bad, anyway – but I feel I coulda represented myself better.


Also, you’ll notice that isn’t Hal sitting with us – Hal was watching the booth.  That’s one of the Servos I currently have for sale, codename “Goldenrod”.  More on him later.

Kill it. Kill it with fire.

For those just joining us already in progress, in addition to all the webcomic stuff I do at conventions, this year I’ve also started hosting an event that I call “Cinematic For The People” – it’s sort of like MST3K and Anime Hell had a baby, and that baby went on to star in a live adaptation of Rocky Horror.  The show is constantly evolving, adapting, and changing as we forever refine and make it funnier for those caught in our wake.

The first time we did CFTP (officially) was at Penguicon earlier this year – Penguicon is a linux/scifi convention, so the clips we played in between segments of the movie were all scifi related… like this one here.  After we got settled at Ikasucon, it occured to me that I needed some stronger kung fu to roll with the anime crowd, and Twitter (via @defectivecandy) provided me with this video, which is weapons-grade WTF.  I warn you, don’t watch it unless you’re sure you don’t mind not being able to unsee this.  And if that’s not enough for you… there’s always this.

If you have recommendations – scifi, anime, or other – that you think I should include in future CFTPs, lemme have them.

Pub Crawl

So Thursday night, I roll into luxurious Fort Wayne – and I kid you not, that’s a damn nice city.  It’s like someone broke off a piece of Canada and stuck it in the middle of Indiana where nobody else would notice.  Anyway, Fort Wayne – I pull into town, find a parking space, drop a couple coins, and go to meet friends-of-the-comic and frequent co-conspirators in webcomicdom Impy and Poe, aka of Exploitation Now, Errant Story, Does Not Play Well With Others, and a myriad of other projects.

I know them honestly, from real life, and not just because I’m a big ol’ webcomic schmoozer.  Impy was friends with my wife when they were in High School – she went on to stalk, and eventually capture, Mr. Poe, who became her husband in a ceremony many years later that was flanked by a 21-old-car-horn salute.  I went on to sherpa their crap around at conventions for several years because it was an awesome excuse to go to cons – not only that, but to have my way paid for at cons – and it was an excellent chance to meet people (did I mention the schmoozing?  I do schmoozing.) in and about the webcomics universe.  It’s at least – in part – their fault you’re reading this now.  It was only after watching Poe do the voodoo he do that I finally got my act together and decided it was time to make a comic again (after a 3 year hiatus) – that comic was what became The Apple of Discord.

Now, travelling with Impy, I’ve learned to appreciate (and fear… oh yes, fear) her love of local, authentic cuisine.  We’ve detoured entire states out of our way to get crabs (of course, I pointed out that we could easily pick those up at any number of conveniently located rest stops – not appreciated, btw), and apparently the Urban Spoon app on her phone has become her best friend nowadays.  So trips like this are often fraught with stops at diners, drive-ins, and dives that even the bottle blond on that one food channel wouldn’t frequent.

More on her odd habits later – now onto the Scotch Egg.  If you’ve never seen or heard of these before… well, your lifespan is probably a fair bit longer than mine.  Basically, it’s a turducken, only smaller and with different parties involved.  The formula seems to be… hard boil an egg, coat it in meat, deep fry it, and serve it to someone who isn’t planning on donating their heart to anybody other than possibly Crisco.  But they do exist, wikipedia says so.