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Built For Speed

And so we start the first of the comics coming from my adventures this last weekend at Penguicon.  You’ll notice that Hal has been repaired, and… well… is more than just functional.  He’s fully functional.

Towards The Future…

I’ve been sick the last few days, which is why Webcomic Hell has been running a bit behind… I put the call out on Twitter last night for some guest works, and Ahmed of Antisoshell was kind enough to provide.  Ahmed’s been caught in the blast of my last couple of Penguicon adventures, so while this may not be an exact prediction… he’s not all that wrong.

Ahmed’s comic is a wee bit too wide, so if my site isn’t displaying it all correctly, you can see the entire image here.

Homeward Bound

Alright, nearly done with the Penguicon comics.  At least for this year.  If you want to see more of my adventures at Penguicon, my fellow Tropecast host Alex Heberling has a couple more comics that chronicle our Saturday night together.

In July, I’ll be going to Ikasucon, so there will be a whole new batch of convention comics – and hey, Ikasucon is an ANIME CONVENTION, which is only peripherally my genre, so that ought to be interesting.  Also, we’re doing Cinematic For The People again – maybe this time with better results.

Unfortunately, Margott won’t be accompanying me on this adventure – instead, I’ll be joined by Impy and Poe of Errant Story and Does Not Play Well With Others, who I now have to figure out how to draw.

The Healing Power of Rick Asiley

Continuing my stories from Penguicon 2011.  As you may have picked up, I did not have a good Saturday night… the CFTP panel/show fell apart, and I didn’t get to do my usual attack-on-my-internal-organs by hitting up all the room parties (but I did make it to Barfleet – thank the gods for Barfleet).  I was in a bit of a funk Sunday morning; not only from the intense bout of “we don’t want to have to flush this booze, but the bar closes in 5 minutes – DRINK IT!” drinking that I did Saturday night, but also from the fact that I still had not accomplished any of my goals for Pengicon – sales, social, or a couple of other s’es that we’ll get into later.

That’s where long-time friend-of-the-comic and occasional convention co-conspirator Margott came in.  I had originally brought her along to watch the booth while I did panels (the proverbial “booth babe”, I title she flaunted with pride) and she wound up being both a source of frustration… of many types… as well as a source of support during some of my darker hours.

On the ride up to Penguicon (it’s not a terrible trip, but it’s a good 5 hours from where I live) we had broken into some Queen.  She sung “Somebody To Love” about three times, which given the acoustics inside a PT Cruiser, was about two times too many.  Still, she likes to sing.  So come Sunday morning, as I was busy wallowing in my own funk, she pulled out my laptop and discovered that  there are a bunch of karaoke videos (music plus the words) on Youtube.  And thus the singing began again.  First she jumped from song to song based on YouTube, but as the second panel depicts, after a while we started getting requests.

And a few songs later, once we’d reached a critical mass of dozens and dozens of people around my table, a large and joyful Rickroll broke out, with strains of Rick Asiley echoing down the sleepy Sunday Morning hallways of the convention, washing over those doing the walk (or stagger) of shame back to their hotel rooms from a night of partying, just trying to get packed up to go home.

Of course, with all those people standing around, nobody (still) bought anything.  But hey, I rickrolled Penguicon.  Sorta.  That’s gotta count for something, right?

Market Forces

Starting with Penguicon this year, I’m bringing along a few spare Tom Servos to sell whenever I go to conventions.  I don’t actually make any money on most conventions, and since nobody’s ever heard of any of my comics, they fill up table room and bring people over to my booth that might not have come otherwise.  Of course, transitioning the discussion from how I use a PVC endoskeleton of my own design to the fact that I also draw like… three webcomics, and have stuff for sale for all of those as well… is usually a rough process, and very few actually survive the transition.  Still, I do what I can.

I started out with 4 Servos at Penguicon – one is Hal, my trusted sidekick (featured here in the comic) who goes with me to all the conventions anyway; beyond that, I had a blue and gold “googie” inspired Servo, a pink-and-white Princess Servo, and a futuristic green and silver “Alien” Servo.  I donated the Alien to the charity auction (because I’m awesome like that) and kept B&G and the Princess to sell.  I originally asked $100 for the Princess (as she was a lot more complicated, with real working electronics) and $75 for Blue and Gold.  After no takers for a day and change, by Saturday night I managed to unload B&G on a lovely couple for $60, at which time I knocked the Princesses’ price tag down to $75.  Eventually, she also sold… late Sunday, right before the end of the con… for $60.  And the Alien Servo I’d given to the charity auction?  Well… he went for $60 too.

In other words, I think I’ve found my price point.

If you’d like to see pictures of the Servos in question; Hal, the sold Servos, or some other ones I’ve built for various people, I strongly recommend checking out the Bot Building section here on WCH.  And if you might be interested in buying one of my Servos… ah, who am I kidding.

Cinematic Failure

Penguicon 2011.  This really happened.

For a full breakdown of the incident… and breakdown is the best term here, read this.

To see the immediate fallout from the panel, check out Alex’s Guide for the next phase.