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What can I say?  Reception inside the building is terrible, and it was the Royal Wedding!

Update: Derpy Servo

So you may remember a couple weeks back I did a doodle combining my love of building bizarre Servos with my love of My Little Pony in the form of… Derpy Servo.  Well, I have news.

Derpy Servo is being constructed, and will hopefully be done in time for Penguicon.

The design has changed a little to try and mix up the colors a little (I figure the hoverskirt is at least sort of analogous to the tail) and it’s still in the EARLY stages, but you can see here that Derpy Servo can – does – will exist.

Who Needs Sleep? (redux)

It occurs to me after titling this comic I’ve used that title before…  apparently me not getting sleep is a recurring thing.



Derpy Servo

In case anyone was wondering what happened to the extra Servo body that they *almost* bought… let’s just say it went to a good home.

In all truth, I’m debating about trying to make one of these, either to sell or as a lady friend for Hal.  You can see some of my other Servo-based work here.


Reality is Someone Else’s Problem

The card game I’m trying to play in the first panel is called Bakachibimon.  It’s of my own invention, and still has some bugs.  Just a few.  Still…

Pony Rebuttal

Last comic, I may have depicted my very understanding wife in a… less than understanding light.  The problem is that with any sort of… dramatic reenactment, you really need a hero and a villian, and unfortunately in order to cast myself as the hero… well, you know the rest.

So, in the interest of fairness and balance, I offer this rebuttal on her behalf.  Now, I try not to do this… I really do… but I get so excited.  If it’s not MLP, it’s my own comic, my novel-writing aspirations, building Servos, something from work, a new tv show, my ever-growing collection of giant robots, some new electronic gadget that I desire… the subject may change, but the mantra generally remains the same.  Maybe by venting my own demons here, I’ll be able to help not do this… so much… in the future.  We’ll see.

Also… love the hovertext for this one.  Not sure who’ll get it, but I love it.


What happens at Penguicon stays at Penguicon.  Whenever possible.  If you watch MLP and experience itching, burning, flaky scalp, uncontrollable giggling, bronieitis, or inflamed cutie mark, please contact a medical professional as soon as possible.

I was going to remind everyone that Sunday’s Tropecast is going to be all about My Little Pony, but our extra special Ponyologist Yamino of Sister Claire is unavailable, so instead we’re going to be covering Guilty Pleasures… which will, of course, include a good amount of discussion about MLP.  Never fear though, as soon as the schedules line back up, I promise you we WILL DO Tropecast is Magic.