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The Return of the Margott

She stopped by to snuggle and do some laundry on her way back to Cinci.  She wound up staying for nearly 24 hours, most of the time she spent flat on her back (and not in a good way) knocked out from cold meds.


Anyway, I’m at Ikasucon this weekend… doing research for Webcomic Hell… as well as putting on another of my eventually infamous “Cinematic For The People” shows.  More to follow.

Good Talk

And this ends our Penguicon journey.  Fortunately, I have a lot of podcasts I listen to which, combined with Margott’s snoring and Hal’s stoic disapproval, kept me company the entire drive home.

Lesson to all you con-goers.  At least one night of the convention, SLEEP.

Homeward Bound

Alright, nearly done with the Penguicon comics.  At least for this year.  If you want to see more of my adventures at Penguicon, my fellow Tropecast host Alex Heberling has a couple more comics that chronicle our Saturday night together.

In July, I’ll be going to Ikasucon, so there will be a whole new batch of convention comics – and hey, Ikasucon is an ANIME CONVENTION, which is only peripherally my genre, so that ought to be interesting.  Also, we’re doing Cinematic For The People again – maybe this time with better results.

Unfortunately, Margott won’t be accompanying me on this adventure – instead, I’ll be joined by Impy and Poe of Errant Story and Does Not Play Well With Others, who I now have to figure out how to draw.

The Healing Power of Rick Asiley

Continuing my stories from Penguicon 2011.  As you may have picked up, I did not have a good Saturday night… the CFTP panel/show fell apart, and I didn’t get to do my usual attack-on-my-internal-organs by hitting up all the room parties (but I did make it to Barfleet – thank the gods for Barfleet).  I was in a bit of a funk Sunday morning; not only from the intense bout of “we don’t want to have to flush this booze, but the bar closes in 5 minutes – DRINK IT!” drinking that I did Saturday night, but also from the fact that I still had not accomplished any of my goals for Pengicon – sales, social, or a couple of other s’es that we’ll get into later.

That’s where long-time friend-of-the-comic and occasional convention co-conspirator Margott came in.  I had originally brought her along to watch the booth while I did panels (the proverbial “booth babe”, I title she flaunted with pride) and she wound up being both a source of frustration… of many types… as well as a source of support during some of my darker hours.

On the ride up to Penguicon (it’s not a terrible trip, but it’s a good 5 hours from where I live) we had broken into some Queen.  She sung “Somebody To Love” about three times, which given the acoustics inside a PT Cruiser, was about two times too many.  Still, she likes to sing.  So come Sunday morning, as I was busy wallowing in my own funk, she pulled out my laptop and discovered that  there are a bunch of karaoke videos (music plus the words) on Youtube.  And thus the singing began again.  First she jumped from song to song based on YouTube, but as the second panel depicts, after a while we started getting requests.

And a few songs later, once we’d reached a critical mass of dozens and dozens of people around my table, a large and joyful Rickroll broke out, with strains of Rick Asiley echoing down the sleepy Sunday Morning hallways of the convention, washing over those doing the walk (or stagger) of shame back to their hotel rooms from a night of partying, just trying to get packed up to go home.

Of course, with all those people standing around, nobody (still) bought anything.  But hey, I rickrolled Penguicon.  Sorta.  That’s gotta count for something, right?