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Mission Accomplished

Sorry for last week’s interruption… my teeth are somewhat better, so let’s resume the storyline!

Good Acoustics

I put a call out for some cameos, and got two immediate responders… so, in panel 2, based on her own wonderful drawing in my style, we have Jaydot Sloane (who also just started her own webcomic this week on http://www.vanitygames.com/)… and in panel 3, Juan Ochoa puts in an appearance.


If you want to have chances to have me randomly draw you, maybe you should be following me on Google+ too… and if you’re not on G+… why not?

Old School News

Featuring Dave, the creator of Slightly Off Topic.  And yes, I suck at drawing Dave, so the Old School Newsguy will be filling in for him throughout the story.

Crusin’ PDA

I make no bones about it – I love my PT Cruiser.  Perhaps a little too much.