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Who Needs Sleep? (redux)

It occurs to me after titling this comic I’ve used that title before…  apparently me not getting sleep is a recurring thing.



Hal, Interrupted

So the whole “Missing Episode” thing is over, and we’re back… sorta… to where we were before.  Yay?

The Devil You Don’t Know

I’m not sure if it’s praise or not to say “at least Immortals was not Twilight”.  And if it is an insult, I’m not sure who I’m actually insulting.  It’s like an Inception of insults.

Scratch that, I’m insulting Inception.  Problem solved.

It’s About Timing

Polyamory is… complicated.  I’m not sure what Vee and I were, but whatever we were, we aren’t anymore.  Except friends.  Still friends, which is good.  But it was a very busy day of bad things.

Sub Standard

The second movie we wound up doing for CFTP was “Atomic Rulers from Outer Space”, a re-edit of an old Super Giant/Starman series.  For the new CFTPs, I subtitle the movies to make them easier to understand… and also, to let me slip a few extra jokes under the radar while nobody is watching… like this one here…