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Update: Derpy Servo

So you may remember a couple weeks back I did a doodle combining my love of building bizarre Servos with my love of My Little Pony in the form of… Derpy Servo.  Well, I have news.

Derpy Servo is being constructed, and will hopefully be done in time for Penguicon.

The design has changed a little to try and mix up the colors a little (I figure the hoverskirt is at least sort of analogous to the tail) and it’s still in the EARLY stages, but you can see here that Derpy Servo can – does – will exist.

Derpy Servo

In case anyone was wondering what happened to the extra Servo body that they *almost* bought… let’s just say it went to a good home.

In all truth, I’m debating about trying to make one of these, either to sell or as a lady friend for Hal.  You can see some of my other Servo-based work here.