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Winning Hearts and Minds

I get the feeling that a lot of MST3K fans do not actually like CFTP – or any of the other fan riffing projects – very much.  I always try to be respectful when I promote my own show, do it in the appropriate sections of forums or subreddits, not just be a post-and-go sort of ass… but there's so much hate, biting insulting hate… I just don't get it.

While MST3K was on the air, there was a lot of fascination with fan projects, I remember having to go through a complex set of trades to get a copy of the Alaskan guys who made an episode of MST3K doing Star Trek V.  So the fact that now, post-MST3K, there seems to be a lot of stand-off-ishness and general prick-itude from people, I am having a hard time understanding it.

For a while, I thought that maybe it was that MST3K is a sacred cow of sorts, but with the rise of Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic, the people of MST3K have more-or-less bisected the sacred cow and carried away the bits that they'd want, and the fans still seem to generally like them, so…  that's not it.

There seems to be more acceptance of the ones done through the mechanism of iRiff, but it's also really insular – aside from Quiptracks and Team FourStar, I've not really seen much promotion of iRiffs outside of the rifftrax forums, so I don't know if they just don't try or they've run into the same vitriol and simply given up on trying to promote outside their own community.

I know CFTP is no MST3K.  We're not as talented, or as funny, and we all have full-time jobs on the side so we can't give the show the dedication that people working exclusively on a tv show could give.  But I know, back in 1999, when MST3K got the axe, I would've been elated to see someone – ANYONE – trying to pick up the gauntlet and keep the idea alive, and I got the feeling from the forums and IRCs of the day that I was not alone.

So… what changed?

I would love to hear the thoughts, opinions, or ideas of everyone on this – even if you've never seen CFTP, if you were an fan of MST3K, please chime in.  I really want to know.

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One more shameless self promotion, then I'll leave you all alone

for now… have you seen the fully produced, huge epic +Cinematic For The People Christmas Special yet?  Join the CFTP crew as we invade +Mike Dellheim's apartment for a surprise Christmas party, including watching – and riffing – the 1984 British slasher film, Don't Open Until Christmas

There's Santa murder.  So much Santa murder.

If you are a fan of #mst3k , #rifftrax , #cinematictitanic , maybe you could give our humble show a try?

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If anybody would like to get me a free and simple Christmas present

I have a suggestion.  As some of you know, some friends of mine and I make a tv show.  Unfortunately, I am terrible at shameless self promotion, I always get so nervous and worried about "spamming" people with links… so despite putting a ton of hard work and man hours into making this show, we're still lingering in relative obscurity…

So… for Christmas, all I am asking of #secretsanta or anybody else is that you tell someone you know who likes MST3K about my internet TV show.  Share this post, send them a link, write it in sharpie on their forehead after they pass out… whatever works for you.

About Cinematic For The People

Cinematic For The People, or CFTP, is a group of friends who meet regularly over the internet to mock movies.  The show features the riffing, as well as some glimpses into our lives and the meetings around the riffing in the form of "Intermission" host segments.

We just finished Series 1, which had 13 full movies, and are prepping for Series 2, which is going to have more plot, more characters, and more bad movies.  Our hope is to capture some of the spirit and feel of the early day MST3K episodes.

Unlike practically every other riffing group out there, we are GIVING THE SHOW AWAY FOR FREE.  All our episodes are posted to our website and YouTube account.  Since we're doing it for "the love" and not "the money", it wouldn't hurt to throw some love our way… would it?

Website – http://www.cftp.us/
YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/CinematicForThePpl
Google+ – +Cinematic For The People 
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/CinematicFTP
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/CinematicForThePeople

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Cinematic For The People – YouTube
Cinematic For The People is a riffing group by, of, and for “the people” – we watch public domain movies, make fun of them, and share the results with you for free. Visit us at http://www.cftp.com for more.

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