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Cinematic For The… Sequel

If you’re just joining us… welcome.  Also, this may make no sense to you, so here’s a bit of backstory.  See, I’m not a famous webcomic maker.  I’ve made some funny comics, I get my name out there, I’m an admin on a forum here and a mod on a forum there, I host my own wing of Fesworks’ mulimedia empire, The Tropecast – but I myself am not quite enough of a draw to get invites to conventions regularly.  So, last year, I decided to become a… how can I put this… “value added” asset by also taking on an additional duty at conventions – namely, Mike (or Impy and Poe, depending on where I’m at) and I roll out a midnight live MST3K-ish show called “Cinematic For The People”.  So far, we’ve only done one movie, a faux anime called Space Transformers, but…. all that is about to change.

The convention I’m going to is NMACon and, that’s right, the rumors are true – if you happen to be in Traverse City, Michigan at 1 AM on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) you too can see the brand new world premiere of Cinematic For The People episode 2.

Also… this… is comic number 50.  Breathe it in, folks.  And with 50, I decided to tune up a couple of things graphics wise.  Not sure how long this will last – we’ll see.

Cinematic Redux

If you recall, back here we talked about the first time we tried to do Cinematic For The People.  This second time, we did not have nearly the technical difficulties, however we did have some fierce competition from parallel programming…

Kill it. Kill it with fire.

For those just joining us already in progress, in addition to all the webcomic stuff I do at conventions, this year I’ve also started hosting an event that I call “Cinematic For The People” – it’s sort of like MST3K and Anime Hell had a baby, and that baby went on to star in a live adaptation of Rocky Horror.  The show is constantly evolving, adapting, and changing as we forever refine and make it funnier for those caught in our wake.

The first time we did CFTP (officially) was at Penguicon earlier this year – Penguicon is a linux/scifi convention, so the clips we played in between segments of the movie were all scifi related… like this one here.  After we got settled at Ikasucon, it occured to me that I needed some stronger kung fu to roll with the anime crowd, and Twitter (via @defectivecandy) provided me with this video, which is weapons-grade WTF.  I warn you, don’t watch it unless you’re sure you don’t mind not being able to unsee this.  And if that’s not enough for you… there’s always this.

If you have recommendations – scifi, anime, or other – that you think I should include in future CFTPs, lemme have them.

Cinematic Failure

Penguicon 2011.  This really happened.

For a full breakdown of the incident… and breakdown is the best term here, read this.

To see the immediate fallout from the panel, check out Alex’s Guide for the next phase.