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Winning Hearts and Minds

I get the feeling that a lot of MST3K fans do not actually like CFTP – or any of the other fan riffing projects – very much.  I always try to be respectful when I promote my own show, do it in the appropriate sections of forums or subreddits, not just be a post-and-go sort of ass… but there's so much hate, biting insulting hate… I just don't get it.

While MST3K was on the air, there was a lot of fascination with fan projects, I remember having to go through a complex set of trades to get a copy of the Alaskan guys who made an episode of MST3K doing Star Trek V.  So the fact that now, post-MST3K, there seems to be a lot of stand-off-ishness and general prick-itude from people, I am having a hard time understanding it.

For a while, I thought that maybe it was that MST3K is a sacred cow of sorts, but with the rise of Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic, the people of MST3K have more-or-less bisected the sacred cow and carried away the bits that they'd want, and the fans still seem to generally like them, so…  that's not it.

There seems to be more acceptance of the ones done through the mechanism of iRiff, but it's also really insular – aside from Quiptracks and Team FourStar, I've not really seen much promotion of iRiffs outside of the rifftrax forums, so I don't know if they just don't try or they've run into the same vitriol and simply given up on trying to promote outside their own community.

I know CFTP is no MST3K.  We're not as talented, or as funny, and we all have full-time jobs on the side so we can't give the show the dedication that people working exclusively on a tv show could give.  But I know, back in 1999, when MST3K got the axe, I would've been elated to see someone – ANYONE – trying to pick up the gauntlet and keep the idea alive, and I got the feeling from the forums and IRCs of the day that I was not alone.

So… what changed?

I would love to hear the thoughts, opinions, or ideas of everyone on this – even if you've never seen CFTP, if you were an fan of MST3K, please chime in.  I really want to know.

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Sub Standard

The second movie we wound up doing for CFTP was “Atomic Rulers from Outer Space”, a re-edit of an old Super Giant/Starman series.  For the new CFTPs, I subtitle the movies to make them easier to understand… and also, to let me slip a few extra jokes under the radar while nobody is watching… like this one here…