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Waited until Saturday so I could go all #caturday  on you all

Waited until Saturday so I could go all #caturday  on you all.  As you may recall, a couple months back my stalwart cat companion Loki lost the battle to liver disease, and I've been waiting for the right cat to come along to fill the void in my life since then… and the auditions are now over.

Cast in the role of "My Cat" is Marshmallow, a 6-year-old Birman mix from the local animal shelter.  According to the paperwork, she came from a multicat household that had to downsize and no longer had room for her.  

She is snuggly, and fluffy, and warm and soft and made of purrs, and as far as I can tell she doesn't mind the occasionally molestation from the 5 year old child who puts her full face into Marshy's fluffy side and yells "I LOVE YOU CAT".  That's either love, acceptance, or possibly early onset Stockholm Syndrome for you.

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