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7 Days in 7 Ways – Round 1

I laid down this suggestion on Twitter this AM - 

I would like to challenge six of you to an experiment. Here’s my thought; Seven of us (total), across seven days, draw seven characters.  Each person submits one of their own characters. Each person draws their own character, plus the six others submitted by the other six.  The goal isn’t to ape the other person’s style, it’s to reimagine their character as they would appear in your style, as if in your comic.  And when we’re all done, we’ll have a 7×7 grid of characters that we can paste together into one big collage for… a wallpaper or something.

Here are the brave souls who have answered my challenge, and reference pics for their characters:

So here’s what’s going to happen next – all 7 artists are tasked with drawing all 7 characters (their own plus the other six) within the next week (Let’s say by 6/31 at Noon EST).  These drawings can be as simple as redoing the characters in your style, or completely reinterpreting them as if they were a part of your own work (like, a Furry artist would be welcome to make Furry versions of everyone else’s characters).  The idea is to show how different people do the same essential things… differently.

As they finish their drawings, I’ll post them here, and then at the end we’ll do up a big mashup wallpaper that everyone can distribute to everyone.