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Here are some of the 'bots' I have made, known, loved, and probably sold to other people by the time you are reading this.  Enjoy.

Update: Derpy Servo

So you may remember a couple weeks back I did a doodle combining my love of building bizarre Servos with my love of My Little Pony in the form of… Derpy Servo.  Well, I have news.

Derpy Servo is being constructed, and will hopefully be done in time for Penguicon.

The design has changed a little to try and mix up the colors a little (I figure the hoverskirt is at least sort of analogous to the tail) and it’s still in the EARLY stages, but you can see here that Derpy Servo can – does – will exist.

Steampunk Servo

Code Name : “Steampunk Servo”


  • Head: M&M’s Candy Dispenser, modified, using a large depression-style Carousel Dome.
  • Body: Wicker and wood ice bucket (outer), with a gold-painted lantern (inner)
  • Shoulders: Wooden candle holders
  • Arms: To be decided
  • Base: Planter (temporary)
  • Controls: To be decided

Notes : Trying something entirely outside my comfort zone here.  I’ve forsaken almost every single thing I know about Servo construction to try and make a “steampunk” style Servo.  Being that I’ve never worked with Steampunk before, let alone seen a Servo partially made of wood, I think we’re in entirely new territory here.  Whether that’s good or bad news… you tell me.

Patriot Servo

Code Name : “Patriot Servo”


  • Head: Carousel Sports Dome (Soccer style).
  • Body: Automatic pet water jug 
  • Shoulders: To be decided
  • Arms: To be decided
  • Base: 4th of July/Patriotic Themed Party Bowl
  • Controls: PVC Skeleton 

Notes : Call him Uncle Sam Servo, or The Greatest American Servo, or Yankee Doodle Servo. Any way you slice it, this not-quite-finished Servo is a patriotic dream come true.

Princess Servo

Code Name : “Princess Servo”


  • Head: Carousel Sports dispenser, dome replaced with a Disney princess lamp globe
  • Body: 2 Liter personal water jug (type 2)
  • Engine Block: Digital photo player
  • Shoulders: Feather Boa over PVC joints
  • Arms: Dishwasher tubing and a Princess doll’s hands
  • Base: Scalloped bowl
  • Controls: PVC Skeleton 

Notes : Servo on MST3K dressed up in drag on many occasions… but nothing quite like this.  Taking the Servo “fembot” to it’s girlish extremes, Princess Servo is a pink nightmare of girlyness.  Sold to a nice couple at Penguicon 2011.