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On The Defensive

For those of you not following me on Google+, the post that got this going is here… and if you’re not on Google+ yet, WHY NOT?  Need an invitation?  I will fix that.

Also, the character I’m drawing in the comic is a friend of mine.  About one person in the entire world will get who that is, and I don’t even know if they read my comic, but if they do, this is going to absolutely blow their mind.


I’ve lost my eyebrows twice, both times due to pyrotechnic – bordering on pyroclastic – updrafts after getting large fires going.  The first time was an unofficial Boy Scout event at my house when I was in my mid-teens.  One of the enthusiastic, albeit stupid, scoutlings decided that it would be a good plan to toss a 2-year-old desiccated christmas tree onto a bonfire.  The resulting flash lit up the entire field, and scorched the bodyhair off everybody within a ten foot radius.  At least I got out of it with only my eyebrows gone.

The other time, there was a pineapple that we were trying to set on fire for a tv show we were filming… but that’s another story.


I should not be allowed near open flames.

Natural Environment

Thus ends our first entirely not-based-on-reality story arc.  With Sam’s pet Cthulhu safely deposited in the nearest city, we return to some sort of normal something-or-other on Monday.  I’m curious what you all thought of this week’s flight of fancy – if it was a welcome addition to the Webcomic Hell narriative, or if adding blatant fantasy elements to what is hypothetically a “journal” comic caused you confusion.  Your input would be appreciated.

Also, if I did one up, maybe on Spreadshirt, would anybody be interested in a Googly-eyed Ctuhulhu t-shirt?

This One is Her Fault

I blame this one entirely on my wife.  This was her reaction when I started this little Cthulhu mini-arc.  I’m just putting to art her ideas.