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This isn't funny anymore. 

We aren't fulfilling Godwin's law.Or at least not just. But this has gone on long enough. Far past it.

We're using our observational skills to note that we are on the brink of nominating for the presidency a man who's social and  publicity tactics, stated espoused policy and plans, rhetoric and behavior… who in those things resembles Hitler in his rise to power. 

We're using our observational skills to note that that rise to power came at the hands of an increasingly desperate population that had experienced a devastating cycle of war and nonrecovery; a population that wasn't able to work toward prosperity because the prosperity was being taken by a richer group (back then that'd have been US and those we allied with, in case it's unclear); a population that was vulnerable to divisive rhetoric and violent leading due to a historically diverse population – culturally, socially, religiously and race/ethnically. And we're noting as a people that that sounds familiar. 

It's not funny. History lessons with Mrs. Smith in room 127 in your high school wasn't funny. Internment camp images you were forced to see weren't funny. Their isn't a joke here any longer. The fact remains that a leader is being chosen by the people that openly and unabashedly espouses local and global violence against those people who we can't trust.  Queer folk (but not you, only those flamboyant pushy ones), brown folk (but not you, only those dangerous ones, or those ones that want to take your jobsnstuff), women folk (but not you, only those feminazis), poor folk (but not you, only the LAZY ones).  It's not really a but situation. With that absolutism and that call for that level violence it's an all or nothing situation.

I can't go back in the closet, I am white but by god I try not to be a part of the problem that was set up by my forefathers and I'm doing my best to get by on the working class dime.  I am the enemy for this monstrosity. I am not in place to hide, and I won't do so even if I could. But…

I'm nauseous with fear of it. And I don't understand why more people aren't. 

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