I have come back to G+ to ask you all a huge favor

a friend of mine wrote an awesome book and had entered the current Inkshares contest to try and get her book published and was doing really really good – until an already published, not needing help, established author also joined the fray and knocked her out of first place.

And while it's not technically against the rules, it's kinda a jerk move, so I'm calling in favors wherever I can to try and help spread the word for her and get her book out there to see if we can't get her back on even footing

If you love fantasy, pirates, magic, independent authors, strong smart lady writers, truth, justice, and the American Way… give her book a look? And even if it's not your own personal cuppa, maybe you can at least help spread the word?

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Storm Song
Thoster Chatwyn knows every story there is to tell in all of Elysia. But what if the greatest story he could ever tell was that of his own past and the promise of his future?. Storm Song is a 588-page fantasy book by Allison Griner. Follow Storm Song on Inkshares.

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