Does anybody know where they can get their hands on a "Century (Or GM) Infant…

Does anybody know where they can get their hands on a "Century (Or GM) Infant Love Seat" from the 1980s?  Yes, I know they're a deathtrap, yada yada yada, but I need one for a friend who survived dying and is trying to rebuild his #MST3K bot collection.  To quote him…

"Back in 2007 I built replicas of Crow, Servo & Gypsy. Then I brought them to display when I brought Joel & J. Elvis to Gallifrey 2008, and Joel, J. Elvis, Trace & Frank to Super-Con San Jose 2008. They signed all the bots. Fast forward to April 2011, I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and had to sell them on Ebay, as I couldn't work and had to pay my mortgage (I'm still fighting to get disability BTW).

Now, I have rebuilt Crow & Servo, and I would like to build their sister. "

Pics of that which I seek in the website.

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Construction Instructions – Gypsy
Gypsy is the most important robot on the SOL. She runs the ship so that Joel doesn’t have to (and later because Mike didn’t know how.) As an MST3K bot building project, she isn’t too difficult, except that she requires electrical wiring, which can be a real pain. She cost me about $50 dollars to …

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